I'll Never Give Up On You (2010)

by Strip Mall Seizures

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Recorded by Jacob Heule at New Improved Studios. We have embarked upon a project to create a music video for each of these songs. See our progress at vimeo.com/user5528721/videos or www.youtube.com/user/stripmallseizures


released January 1, 2011




Strip Mall Seizures

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Track Name: Develop It
At a team building retreat
we ripped the shell off a turtle
that was older than all of us together.
As an exercise.
Track Name: Human Moment
Walking up the stairs
Walking down the hall
Right outside my door
Right beside my bed
Right inside my clothes
Right inside my skin

I'm about to have human moment
All of the babies are crying
Everyone here is so pushy
All of the lights are so bright
Everyone here is so unfriendly
I'm about to have a human moment

Synapses firing
Womb is roaming
Menses flowing
Sugars low
Tensions high
Neuroses flaring

I'm about to have a human moment
Track Name: Communications From Gloria Steinem's Uterus
It's not his fault
He was on the rag, he can't be held responsible
For hormonal imbalances, for natural injustices

If they shed their uterine wall, the man would pay
They wouldn't have to buy tampons at all
If they bled, how much? How long?
They would brag

I didn't know he had a heavy flow
I didn't think he had it in him
Track Name: Testimonial I
I have a physical reaction when I use an old sponge
It's like rubbing raw chicken on the counter
Makes me gag and makes me vomit

They focused on my group
They have me figured out
Every industry has me conditioned to hurl
I blow chunks unless I've got the latest model
Track Name: Advertising is Murder
The ceiling just offered me debt relief
I pulled a pillow over my face
That tree is repeating my maiden name
I buried my head all in the sand
That loaf of bread is playing a lovely waltz
It's a bit too loud, but I like it OK
The morning paper just gave my grandma a hug
I've seen that shit before

You casually mentioned across the room
That experts prefer fruit of the loom
That snap crackle pop is the sound of my heart
The sound of my heart being consumed
Track Name: Threat Display
Long Island Walmart stampede
One dead, but what a story
Sales up, hoes down

Herded Like buffalo with plastic
swipe swipe, crush your opponent
What a terrible ploy

Acting all entitled
Submissive scream
Then a threat display—hey hey
Very effective

It’s so predictable
It happens every year
Reliable content for empty pages
Reliable way to move brightly colored boxes
Blood brings sharks
Blood brings customers
To the holiday year end sale
Gotta mine, gotta mine

Everyone wants in
Tent City at the big box complex
Track Name: So Beautiful, All Dead
A vast expanse of white painted, vacant crosses
Laid before a monolith of right angles

But no ones working
Can't get no dipping dots
Can't get my ears pierced
Can't get a cell phone contract
Can’t get anything at all

Only a shimmering sterile corpse
Only an empty echoing morgue
Square feet square footage
Used to have value

Broken promises, forgotten transactions
Used to have value
No ones selling, no ones buying, no ones spending

We thought we could build them forever
We thought we could print them forever
Track Name: Ungracious Host
Bringin out snacks made from woodchips, pencaps, and ketchup
Using real dinner to wax down the plastic continent
Telling me the heated up glass of piss is lemonade
Putting the video up on youtube so all the haters will say haha what a fag

Ungracious host, ungracious host

Laugh at me while I trip up on my own humanity
Haha you thought that was food
You need food to live, you ate it
And I took your stupid money
You said this was a pleasure party
I signed the waiver because I liked the font
The colors were right, the imitation was good
Laugh at me while I trip up on my own humanity
Track Name: Mahogany Podium
You've been acting kind of coy
While making eye contact with me and everyone else in the audience—somehow
I paid 180 dollars to get in, but this is priceless
Folding chairs and program guides
Sweat, spittle, and bright lights
Mahogany podium

It turned out you were too busy to talk at the time.
The hotel security was very professional.

I only did what he told me to.
I gathered up my strength and tossed away all the useless inhibitions that were holding me down
I told you how I felt and I reached out my hand to you

You're rich and I'm incarcerated.
Some say that our kind of love could never work
That may be true, but when I lay in bed at night,
Listening to your cassette tape,
I know that I'll never give up on you.